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The Going To Gather the Skilled Phase

Burgundian scribe (portrait of Jean Miélot, se...

Burgundian scribe (portrait of Jean Miélot, secretary, copyist and translator to Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, from a copy of his compilation of the Miracles de Notre Dame NOTE: NOT IN FACT A MONK AT ALL, NOR PROBABLY A SCRIPTORIUM!, though a canon of Lille Cathedral.), 15th century. The picture is greatly detailed in its rendering of the room’s furnishings, the writer’s materials, equipment, and activity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The houses found new specialists for their ambitions.

Robheart Brightneon-scribes

House Landlaster-sappers

House Cartell-patrons

Runtly Brightneon-gladiators

House Boltloose-entertainers

House Hyfell-scribes

House Starkcrazy-charioteers

The Night’s Botch-engineers

House Arhead-tutors

House Sully-road builders

House Greyboy-weavers

The Wildthings-politicians

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren-scribes

House Frayd-engineers

Stainless Brightneon-tutors


The Going To Trade and Continuing To Trade Phase (Summer, Year 1)

English: Trading schooner in ice. Jibs set.

English: Trading schooner in ice. Jibs set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New independent traders were sent.

Starkcrazy sends trader to Rotten Tooth – Arhaed textiles for Starkcrazy iron.

Cartell sends trader to Saltwhiffe- Greyboy marble for Cartell potions.

Wildthings send trader to Shadowpower- Wildthings potions for Night’s Botch stone.

Arhead moves trader to Boarpen Square – no trade possible this season.

Hyfell moves trader to Barrenhal-foodstuffs for Sully parchment.

No trade conducted:

Boltloose -No trade.

Landblaster-No trade.

The Going To Trade and Continuing To Trade Phase (Summer, Year 1)

Trader in Germany, 16th century

Trader in Germany, 16th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few houses continued trade.

Sully lore for Hyfell horses

Arhead parchment  for Starkcrazy horses.

Cartell foodstuffs for Greyboy textiles

Night’s Botch stone for Hyfell grass seed

New trading sites were established:

Robheart Brightneon creates trading post in Seascard -Brightneon timber for Frayd ash.

Stainless Brightneon of the Dragonbones builds temple in Mtns. of the Goon – converts in province .

Runtly Brightneon builds fort in Crackmont Runtly foodstuffs for Darne ash.

The Game Turn

Currently a typical game turn in this proposed Rally Round the King supplement consists of the following eleven phases. Phase XI. is only conducted at the end of the campaign year.  If you’ve been reading the posts carefully, you probably have already figured this out to be the case.

I. The Income Phase

II. The Diplomacy Phase:

III. The First Going to War and At War Phase: Preparation

IV. The Purchase of Military Units, and Other War Assets

V. The Second Going to War and At War Phase: Action

VI. The Going to Trade and Continuing To Trade Phase

VII. The Going to Gather the Skilled

VIII. The Going to Build Phase

IX. The Mob Mood Phase

X. The Sophistication & Superiority Phase

Xi. The History Continuance Phase

Camelot, an illustration for Idylls of the King

Camelot, an illustration for Idylls of the King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Game Development

I’ve play testing the completed draft of all the rules in this ongoing Game of Cronies campaign that you have been following here.

I’m making changes as needed. Sections of the rules are being read and/or played including scenarios by the play testers. The rules themselves are currently about 82 pages in length and another 15  for the  scenarios. By the way, the rules in this supplement provide another campaign alternative to the ones already in RRtK and the historical supplement. They are not meant to replace the tactical table battle in RRtK. I hope to create a rich and detailed world for the battles by including diplomacy, fate, economy,and civilization building, and to provide lots of strategic options for armies and fleets- allied armies,conducting sieges,handling different actions using war galleys like raids, blocking trade, etc. There is trade and development of a civilization but even here these have military applications too. 

In play testing the quick battle system allows players to handle lots of campaigns at the same time, playing out battle on the table when they want and using quick battle to complete others. I’ve been able to run 15 nations (half of Talomir) and Sean is using them for 8 in his play test successfully (see here: http://seanswgcorner.blogspot.com/2013/02/chronicle-of-loa.html.

 So a player can have table battles as usual using RRtK, but add other situations like fighting a relief army at a siege, or ambushing an army in quick battles, or having a defending army evade, etc.

The Battle of Drunkenale

The campaign started off on a sour note for the Slygardeners as they entered the hills in Drunkendale. Myce Hyfell had dispatched a spy earlier into the province to gather intelligence on Robheart Brightneon’s army. Apparent the spy wasn’t that smart because he was quickly scooped up by Robheart’s mercenary band, the Company of the Fat Cat and brought to the King. The spy was “persuaded” to spy on his former employer in the fall if needed.

King Robheart took the initiative and attacked the Hyfells lined up on the hilly ground in the province. Though nearly equal in size, Robheart had twice as many mercenary units and more magic users; these proved invaluable in the battle. Hard fought by both sides, the battle was a major victory for King Robheart Brightneon.  His war studies and superior natural ability in war were also instrumental in going on the attack and defeating the still sick Myce Hyfell.

On the retreat back to Slygarden, Lowerass could not resist reminding his father that he had foretold that Robheart would face him with all his might.  He yelled to Myce Hyfell, “I may not be a lion in battle, but at least I’m not a jackass.” His sister, Mortuaery, disappointed at missing out on a chance to become the new queen, spat at her brother.

English: Lancelot

English: Lancelot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Drunkenale, Robheart Brightneon celebrated his victory. The third for his forces this summer. They had defeated Runtly twice in Lackluster Bay and at Binge Landing. Myce Hyfell was scurrying back into his realm, “or rathole” as the King referred to it, and only Runtly’s army, huge though it be, had to be contended with in the coming fall.

The Battle of The Hag

Though outnumbered in units 6 to 11, Ser Jammy Landblaster was a superior commander to Stainless Brightneon as was his troops. Half of the Zingsayer’s army were lancers, half foot. Jammy was able to maneuver Lord Stainless into an unfavorable position in the hills, attacked and trounced the Dragonboners.

The invasion of The Hag ended almost as quickly as it had begun. The gloomy face of the Lord of Dragonbone darkened further as he couldn’t rally the troops as they streamed past him.

Hans Burgkmair the Younger (c. 1500-1559) , Em...

Hans Burgkmair the Younger (c. 1500-1559) , Emperor Maximilian I, from his Turnierbuch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jammy Landblaster sent one of the captured Dragonboner knights with a hastily written limerick for Lord Stainless.

“There once was a lord from Dragonbone

who’d foolishly set forth to attack

But that day the Landblasters in battle shone

And drove the idiot buggers back.”

Kicking his stallion’s ribs, Jammy marshaled his troops and raced them back into Flashsparke to join his impatient father.