A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

An excerpt from Porridge Marten, the chronicler of The Game of Cronies:

“Weirdo Frayd, Lord of the Cursing, had been shrewd in drawing up a treaty with the Sullys of the Quiverlands. A treay that maintained that both houses would go to war against a enemy of one or the other. When Weirdo decided to invade King Robheart’s lands, the Sullys had no choice but to be dragged in by their beards into such a risky enterprise.

But fate hit like a mace on the side of a head and the first war galleys of a Greyboy fleet scouting out potential landings off the coast of The Cursing messed up Lord Frayd royally. The invasion was dropped like a beheading.

 Weirdo Frayd had a problem. He could stay put inside The Twinge, his capital and await the arrival of Bedmore Sully’s quiverlanders, move east to join them coming across their border and abandon the Twinge to a garrison,, or meet the Greyboy marauders alone after they landed on Frayd soil. To Weirdo’s thinking, the Greyboys were sure to land in the Chicken Neck, one of the narrowest land choke points in all of Westeroids and the location of The Twinge. That way they would face the Frayd army on the battlefield or lay siege to his capital without immediately worrying about the sluggish marching Sullys.

Whatever the decision, Weirdo sent out a call to arms throughout his realm to raise troops. Several sparrows were released with messages urging his ally Bedmore Sully to vacate his bed and mistress and move his sluggish army westwards to his aid. War would soon break out across Westeroids, and the first blood would soak the soils of the Cursing.”


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