A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Diplomacy Phase

Diplomacy Phase (Spring, Year 1)

Two-thirds of the Houses in Westeroids play the Game Of Cronies this season. The poor bribe-carrying envoys are getting saddle sores riding from one castle to the other in order to drop crowns into hands and pour sweet words into the ears of nobles and monarchs alike. A few houses, however, namely House Greyboy, The Wildthings, and House Boltloose don’t seem interested in words but only swords.

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren arranged a marriage between Jhocko, one of her Dirtrocki plainsmen to Stainless Brightneon’s daughter Syreen. It came at a cost as Dimheiress demanded a hefty dowry from Stainless.

Mice Cartell’s envoy sought to improve relations with Dimheiress; now his head adorns the front gate of her capital. A drift towards war?

Stainless allied himself with the Arheads. The Arheads and Starkcrazys are now allies as well.

Hywind Landblaster tried to improve relations with House Arhead but talks stalled. Landblaster seems to be in a perilous position with enemies and their allies on all sides.

House Sully sent an envoy to King Robheart to improve relations but the negotiations dissolve into pointless chatter. He’ll be cooling his heals in the palace corridors. Sully and Hyfell signed a treaty so both will remain neutral if the other is attacked.

King Robheart sent his brother Runtly, the fop, a gaudy jacket and war seems averted for now as both houses are neutral towards each other.

Johnny Snowe of the Night’s Botch succeeded in his diplomatic efforts with House Boltloose who are now friends. Back to the Tall Wall.

House Frayd and House Sully signed a treaty to go to war together this Spring. But against whom?


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