A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

First Going To War Phase: Preparation (Spring, Year 1)

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren mobilizes her forces to invade Darne. It was expected as relations between the two nations has worsened. Stainless Brightneon sends a contingent led by Ser Axelgrease Floresent to join Dimheiress, the Galsleazy of Galleria. At home on Dragonbone Island, Stainless examines his dwindling treasury.

Lady Lyce Arhead, perhaps foolishly, readies an army to invade the lands of House Landblaster. The Arhead’s banner of fine-heathered falcon has the stirring words, “As High As We Can Get.”

Hywind Landblaster unfurls the Sleepy Lion banner with its motto, “Here Me Snore!” in defiance.

The Frayds prepare to repell a sea invasion on its beaches by the long-winded ships of the Greyboys. The Sullys will help their ally, House Frayd.

War between Brightneon brothers! Runtly vs Robheart.  A third bother, the  dour Stainless awaits news from afar. Runtly musters his forces to invade.

The Wildthings rally their forces for an attack on the Tall Wall. A long siege may be imminent.

The rest of the houses of Westeroids for various reasons sit on their fat rears and avoid conflict. They’ll see how the wars play out this season. ( Next up: purchasing army units and the like.)

(I’ve come up with rules to limit the number of wars that a nation can engage in a single season.)


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