A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: Knight on his horse. Svenska: Riddare...

English: Knight on his horse. Svenska: Riddare till häst. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Siege of The Twinge

Lacking siege engines, Talon Greyboy impetuously made a surprise assault on the castle not long after approaching it. The Ironrustmen outnumbered the Frayd three to one. However, the Twinge was a foreboding hunk of stone. Another blood fest ensued. The Ironrustmen were flung back from the Twinge. The Greyboys lost two units in the botched attack but at a great cost to the defenders– Weirdo’s dismounted knights on the ramparts were decimated.

Talon Greyboy was unaware that the Frayd army had disappeared. The Lord of the Cursing was being shielded solely by its meager garrison of old farts, washer women, and urchins parading in armor stripped from the knights’ corpses.

The combatants sat on their haunches exhausted for the remainder of the spring. Lord Frayd brooded and waited. Lord Greyboy swore and pondered.

Meanwhile Lord Sully meandered west. Even at his measured pace, the Lord of Riverfun believed he would be able to relieve the Twinge by summer. He was confident since his quiverlanders greatly outnumbered the Greyboy besiegers. Having received news of the the bloody repulse via sparrow, Lord Bedmore sent back a note to soothe Lord Frayd’s nerves. It read, “Lovely countryside you have here. Lady Meander and I enjoyed a pleasant respite by a shimmering stream…”


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  1. Looking good. I added the blog to my blog list. I find it easier to read here.

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