A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

16th century French mounted crossbowman ("...

16th century French mounted crossbowman (“cranequinier”) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second Going To War Phase: Action (Spring, Year 1)

Battle on the Chicken Neck

Talon Greyboy landed his force of household troops, Ironrustmen and archers (seven bodies in all) on the flat shores of the Chicken Neck. He quickly marched inland and quickly scouted Weirdo Frayd’s army – a mix of knights, mounted crossbowmen, foot archers and bowmen facing him on a plain. The Frayd took up a defensive position, but didn’t attack. In the center of their line, the Greyboy banner flew displaying a swollen squid and the words, “We Don’t Dig Dirt.” Greyboy’s frenzied foot army didn’t hesitate and unleashed a ferocious attack. It was butchery, the Frayd broke, and all told half of Weirdo’s army lay dead on the plain during the battle and pursuit. Weirdo and his household knights were the only ones who were able to flee the field and escape; they lashed their poor steeds until they had safely entered the safe confines of The Twinge.


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