A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Setup Phase – Diplomatic Relationships (initial)

The Starkcrazys of Winterhell have two neighboring enemies– the Landblasters, and the Boltlooses. Lyce Arheads is friend to Lord Dullard Starkcrazy.

The Arheads are enemies of the Landblasters, and friends to the Starkcrazys and Stainless Brightneon.

The Landblasters are antagonistic to three houses – the Starkcrazys, the Arheads, and the Grayboys of the Ironrust Islands. They maintain impartiality towards the Brightneons of Dragonbones and the Frayd.

Stainless Brightneon of Dragonbones is impartial towards House Landblaster.  Across the waters, Stainless is allied to the Tarfeatheren of Galleria; Dragonbones also has friendly diplomatic relations with Lady Lyce Arhead.

House Frayd have impartial diplomatic relationships with King Robheart Brightneon and the Landblasters, friends with and the Sullys, but antagonistic towards the Greyboys.

Robheart Brightneon, King of the SevenEleven Kingdoms, is antagonistic towards his brother Runtly Brightneon, Lord of Worm’s End vying for the throne of all Westeroids; the Hyfells and Greyboys  are enemies as well. Robheart has impartial neighbors in the Frayds and a friendship with Bedmore Sully of Riverfun.

Runtly Brightneon may have too much on his plate (of armour). Besides being hostile towards King Robheart, he has made enemies with House Greyboy. The Cartell of Funspear in Darne are neutral.

The Greyboy Ironrust Islanders have the most enemies – Runtly and Robheart Brightneon, the Landblasters, and the Frayd. One friendly nation, Darne, supports them.

House Sully is impartial to House Frayd and House Boltloose, friends with Hyfell and Robheart, and allied to the Night Botch.

House Hyfell is antagonistic towards King Robheart, neutral with the Night Botch. House Sully is a friend.

The Night Botch are enemies of the Wildthings Beyond the Tall Wall but impartial with House Boltloose and House Hyfell, and allied to House Sully.

The Boltloose are enemies with the Starkcrazys; they are impartial to the Sullys and the Night Botch.

Mice Cartell has bad relations with Queen Dimheiress Tarfeatheren, impartial relations with Runtly Brightneon, but is the Greyboys only friend.

Dimheress Tarfeatheren is enemy with King Adorunrun of House Cartell; she maintains an alliance with Stainless Brightneon.

The political situation in the SevenEleven Kingdoms has several houses being hostile to one, two or more Houses throughout Westeroids. War seems inevitable is several parts of the SevenEleven Kingdoms.


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