A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Game of Cronies

Game of Thrones (soundtrack)

Game of Thrones (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Given the popularity of “The Game of Thrones” on TV and in the series of novels, I thought I’d run a parody of it named “The Game of Cronies,” a medieval campaign using my proposed “Rally Round the King” supplement from Two Hour Wargames. This scenario will have quick land battles (no table battles at all to save time), naval battles, sieges, diplomacy and more. From time to time, I’ll report the progress here and sometimes provide a phase-by-phase explanation of the game turns.

I’ve assigned a RRtK historical army (3000BC-1500AD) for each of the 15 nations or houses. I’ll use the Talomir map but change the names. Here’s a list of the contenders for the throne in Westeroids.

(First Name of Leader) House-Capital-Motivator-Talomir Nation Location-RRtK Historical Army#

(Robheart) Brightneon, at Binge Landing– commercial -Tropilium Imperial-#93

(Stainless) Brightneon of the Dragonbones – religious – Tereken-#93

(Runtly) Brightneon of Worm’s End – conquest- Troplium South-#93

(Dullard) Starkcrazy of Winterhell – commercial – Altengard-#96

(Moose) Boltloose of the Dreadfart – loot – Ekra-#83

(Johnny Snowed) The Night’s Botch, Castle Bleak at the Tall Wall–religious-The Border-#107

(Rancid) Ryder and the Wildthings “Beyond the Tall Wall” – loot- Goblins-#105

(Lyce) Arhead of the Scaery Vale – commercial – Mirholme-#106

(Hywind) Landblaster of Bastardly Rock – conquest- Capalan-#125

(Weirdo) Frayd of The Twinge – colonizing – Senira-#96

(Talon) Greyboy of Pyker (Ironrust Islands) – loot – Valkae-#72

(Bedmore) Sully of Riverfun – commercial -Treyline-#91

(Mice) Hyfell of Slygarden – colonizing- Hykar-#94

(Adorunrun) Cartell of Darne – commercial – Sortium-#92

(Dimheiress) Tarfeatheren of Galleeria  – religious- Malohad-#84


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