A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Thoughts on Diplomacy

Diplomacy had been expensive in the SevenEleven Kingdoms, so the overworked Crown Counters in each House were busy into the night tallying the number of crowns in their Houses’ treasure chests before their spendthrift masters raised and paid for the nations’ forces.

Woe to the one who belayed the bad news to Lord Stainless that his treasury had been cut in half, not counting the contingent he would raise for Galleeria’s venture against Darne. Stainless hoped for something in return for his investment in his married-off daughter too. Stainless would undoubtedly find some solace talking about his dwindling fortune with Malisundra. The Red-faced Witch.

Robheart Brightneon stewed that his brother Runtly had not been swayed from waging war after he had sent him that expensive jacket as a “gift.” Now King Robheart would have the pleasure of seeing Runtly wearing and flaunting it at the head of an invading army. He complained to his Grand Schemere, Piesell. “Even as a little boy, I had to help dress that scamp up.”


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