A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Treaties: Income Phase

Diplomatic Relationships (treaty details)

A treaty was signed between House Stainless Brightneon and Queen Dimheiress of Galleeria. Both agreed to send a contingent (an army unit or war galley squadron) to aid the other in case war engulfs one or the other house. The two leaders appear to be wary of each other’s competitive religious fervor.

Meanwhile allies House Sully and the Night’s Botch promised in a treaty to remain neutral if either house went to war. This was not much of a commitment for either so-called ally.

Income Phase (Spring, Year 1)

The houses’ tax collectors were out in force throughout Westeroids as they wrung every crown out of everyone from serfs to lords. The coffers are full… for now. It’ll be spent soon enough.

Crowns Collected-House

825-Robheart Brightneon

650-House Landlaster

625-House Cartell

525-Runtly Brightneon

450-House Hyfell

450-House Boltloose

425-The Night’s Botch

400-House Starkcrazy

275-House Arhead

275- House Sully

200-Stainless Brightneon

200-Dimheiress Tarfeatheren

200-House Greyboy

200-House Frayd

200-The Wildthings


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