A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

War in the West

The Battle in Rotten Tooth

Lysa Arhead nobles figured she was misguided to invade the Landblaster domain. She was afterall a good representative of the family name –“air heads” –and a mediocre commander at best. And her rival Lord Hywind was no slouch in the saddle on any battlefield. Nevertheless she left her lofty castle of the Scaery, marshaled her troops (three-quarters foot and one-quarter horse) and ventured south.

The Landblaster province of Rotten Tooth bordered her ally Starkcrazy’s lands and that is the reason for her crossing there. Perhaps she expected the Starkcrazys to join in the folly. They didn’t.

Lord Landblaster wanted to maneuver the Arheads out of the plains using his light horse, but each time the Arheads managed to draw up on flat ground before them. Weeks passed. Each meeting was the same. Lord Hywind had to either attack at last or let this nitwit get the better of him and force a stalemate with no resolution and Arheads perched in his domain. He attacked. He had the advantage in units but not in terrain. In a hard fought affair, Landblaster lost two crossbow units in a minor defeat and was forced to relinquish the field. Rotten Tooth became Arhead land. For now anyway.

Jammy Landblaster, Hywind’s oldest son, rode up next to his father, laughed and crowed, “The nitwit has outwitted you.” The stoic Hywind was mute and just wished he had left “The Zingsayer” home with his daughter Heresei.

The two trotted into Flashsparke province side-by-side with not another word spoken.


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