A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Rout at Chintzy Pass

sea dragon close-up

sea dragon close-up (Photo credit: greyloch)

The invasion of Darne was undertaken. Maybe omens like sudden tidal waves in one’s home port should be respected. Twelve units of Dimheiress’s and a unit of knights commanded by a Stainless’s somewhat skeptical Ser Floresent trudged into the border hills of Darne after Adorunrun Cartell’s army refused to face them in the open. Thirteen units, another bad sign.

In the Chintzy Pass, the Galleerians drew up their line anchored by hills in left and center, seemingly a strong position. Unfortunately they were out-scouted by the Cartell horse and routed in relative ease. A third of the invaders, javelinmen, archers and spearmen were ground underfoot by the Cartell onslaught, a rout. The remainder of the Galsleazy’s forces, robes flapping in the breeze, left Cartell territory a lot faster than when they entered.

IMG_0002The Darnean army chased the rabble to its border and halted. “They do run run well,” don’t they?” smirked Adorunrun, the ruler of Darne.

Ser Axelgrease Floresent fumed to himself wishing he could express his concern to the young Galsleazy. Would the Darneans decide to finish them off for good? Dimheiress on the other hand seemed unfazed. Her only wish was that HER snapdragons would grow faster.

The Snapdragon Queen had brought them along with her on the journey south in a special wheeled hothouse. Ser Axelgrease gazed in horror at the three chomping, razor-toothed snapdragons, a curious mix of scales, leafy wings, and plant fibers with brimstone erupting from their open jaws. He drew back in disgust. Westeroids was in for the worst he mused.


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