A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Attack on Castle Bleak

Rancid Ryder busied his troops in preparing siege engines to use against the Tall Wall, that massive ice formation blocking the Wildthings from entering the warmer lands of Westeroids. Inside the Castle, some fools among the Night’s Botch fouled their water supplies by peeing into it after an all-night drinking party. Morale the next day among the commander, Johnny Snowed, and his ice gangers was low. Unfortunately for Rance Ryder, his troops weren’t infused with enthusiasm for attacking the formidable Tall Wall.

Roman siegecraft and works.

Roman siegecraft and works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wildthings outnumbered the Night’s Botch two to one. Good odds?

The King Beyond the Tall Wall threw caution to the frigid wind, brought up his siege engines and launched an assault. There were losses to both sides, but twice as many among the besiegers. It failed.  The bodies of two Wildthing units littered the icy ground below the Tall Wall.

“Summer was coming!”  thought an optimistic Ryder. But first he had to anticipate a vengeful attack on his “kingdom” first.


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