A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

IMGRuntly Brightneon prepared to invade his older brother’s realm by land and sea. Preparing four war galley squadrons, Runtly ordered a direct attack on Robheart’s capital and Royal Navy consisting of three squadrons anchored in its the port of Binge Landing. Mother nature intervened. A strong storm scattered Runtly’s fleet in the Narrow-minded Sea off the coast of Stinkwood province and his battered ships had to regroup back in the harbor at Worm’s End.

Meanwhile, the second prong of his offensive was a land invasion of the Stinkwood, one province south of Robheart’s capital. Runtly’s ten units including a company of fleariders crossed the border. Out-scouting the King, Runtly arranged his battle lines outside the leafy groves of the Stinkwood. He defended a good position totally open with a single hill dominating his left flank. Robheart’s force was smaller- seven units- plus Mudbeard’s Company of the Fat Cat. It was good ground for both armies to deploy and use their mounted units effectively.

Before the battle, Runtly paraded in front of his troops in the jacket that Robheart had given as a gift earlier that month. No doubt the gesture infuriated the King.

Robheart attacked but was beaten handily by Runtly; the King lost two units of crossbowmen and one of spearmen in the retreat back to Binge Landing. The Stinkwood was in Runtly’s hands. A summer battle at sea and land for Binge Landing was on the horizon.


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