A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Runtly Brightneon sat on his white charger surveying his new province –the Stinkwood. What a misnomer he reflected. It was a breath of fresh air to him. Columns of shackled slaves shuffled past him on the sides of the roadway bound for Worm’s End. These wouldn’t be missed by his brother. Slaves teamed within Robheart’s empire after all. But Stinkwood was fertile too, and streams of wagons stuffed with fruit, wheat and vegetables jammed the road as they proceeded south as well. Runtly chuckled to himself. The loss of these fields that stretched before the pompous leader would be a blow to his dear brother. He almost felt sorry for him…almost.

In far off Rotten Tooth, Lady Lyce Arhead scratched her head and admired the textiles in the local markets. It had been a successful spring. The Landblasters in retreat, her house  allied with the Lord Starkcrazy and Stainless Brightneon both, a trading post in Boarpen Square…no husband in sight … yet “Summer is coming,” she said smiling at her halfwit son.


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