A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Roman clad in a toga.

Roman clad in a toga. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each ruler in the SevenEleven Kingdoms hired, attracted, kidnapped or dragooned groups of individuals in various callings to work on their diverse plans and ventures in the coming months.

 Robheart Brightneon-Potters

House Landlaster-Architects

House Cartell-Politicians

Runtly Brightneon-Engineers

House Boltloose-Weavers

House Hyfell-Scholars

House Starkcrazy-Road Builders

The Night’s Botch-Tutors

House Sully-Athletes

House Arhead-Weavers

House Greyboy-Poets

The Wildthings-Officials

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren-Priests

House Frayd-Orators

Stainless Brightneon-Priests


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