A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Mob Mood Phase

English: Nestor the Chronicler Русский: Нестор...

English: Nestor the Chronicler Русский: Нестор Летописец (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dire report by Porridge Marten, the chronicler of The Games of Cronies:

Incompetent running of the government by court officials and the bickering among nobles antagonized the commoners, the serfs, or the plebes in many of the realms of Westeroids.

Add to this the failed invasions by armies by the Galleerians in Darne or the Wildthings against the Tall Wall, the loss of provinces to invaders as had occurred to the Landblasters and Wildthings, or the stalled invasion of the Twinge by the Greyboys and one can sense the rising frustration and disgust among the populace as it reached a boiling point.

The disgruntled mob rose in protest; statues of leaders were peed on, horse turd was thrown at monarchs, full-fledged riots erupted. Troops in Galleria, on the Ironrust Islands, in the Landblaster, and in the Kingdom Beyond the Tall Wall were dispatched to every capital  to restore order. It wasn’t outright rebellion yet. In other nations – Stainless Brightneon’s Dragonbone, the Starkcrazys and the Boltlooses suffered the same fate probably because their rulers had been so lackadaisical.

Although an orator had whipped up the factions in the Twinge, the mob was satisfied with Weirdo Frayd’s handlng of the war despite the ongoing siege with its foul-smelling salt-laden bodies of the Greyboy besiegers. And Lady Lyce’s people as well as those of King Robheart, his brother Lord Runtly, Lord Bedmore Sully and the sickly Lord Hyfell seemed content or indifferent at least.

Elsewhere the mob was even loyal to its rulers in Darne, and Castle Bleak. 


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