A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Lords and Ladies of Westeroids loved to play the game of cronies. Especially when things weren’t going too well in the game of warriors in the SevenEleven Kingdoms.

Talon Greyboy had left his troops behind in the mud besieging The Twinge, took a swift galley to his capital, Pyker, and pondered the next step in his war against the Frayd. Talon Greyboy glared at his son, Peeon. Yes, he thought to himself, Peeon Greyboy

English: The James Bay Treaty (Treaty 9)

English: The James Bay Treaty (Treaty 9) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

would accompany an envoy to Lord Cartell’s court. He hoped the Greyboys and the Cartells  would become allies. Even better Talon would be rid of his useless and sullen Peeon for a while. [successful]

Lord Moose Boltloose had to quiet his noisy and smelly masses. A diplomatic mission was sent to Castle Bleak to cement a friendship with the Night’s Botch. [successful]

On windy Dragonbone, Stainless Brightneon conspired to make a treaty with Lady Lyce Arhead. What resulted was not what he really needed, only an agreement to help each other in each other’s war. Unfortunately for Stainless, he had no war going on, so he had to send another contingent abroad to join Her Ladyship’s campaign against the Landblasters.

Diplomatic talks between the Sullys and Robheart’s court broke down again.

King Robheart achieved a diplomatic success by lowering tensions with the Ironrust Islands. At least the two nations would be impartial to each other. Now Robheart could concentrate on Runtly’s advances.

The Cartells sought to  make a treaty with the Greyboys. Already allies, the two nations agreed to go to war togehter in the future…once, either one or both ended their present conflicts. Then one would aid the other in their war.


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