A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writing: Sandro Botticelli’s St. Augustine in His Cell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Based on play tester reports, I’ve altered (and hopefully improved) some rules in sea battles (less casualties for captains, magic users, etc.), sieges (reduced the number of possible assaults in a year, made cities stronger), and trade (reorganized with clearer explanation).

But with all the revising, I’ve put my own Game of Cronies campaign on hold.


Comments on: "More Developments in the Rules" (2)

  1. wargamingresources said:


    So many of us enjoying your campaign reports, how can you disappoint your loyal fans! 😉

    • Be patient. Porridge Marten is dipping his quill into the ink well at this very moment.

      He personally sends you one tidbit from The Chronicles of the Game of Cronies…

      When Jammy Landblaster as a young man was bitten by a dog, the “Zingsayer,” yelled out in anger, “Be forewarned … a Landblaster always slays his pets!”

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