A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: Nestor the Chronicler Русский: Нестор...

English: Nestor the Chronicler Русский: Нестор Летописец (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More blabbering from Porridge Marten Chronicler of The Game of Cronies

The winds of war blew into the North. Dullard Starkcrazy, Lord of Winterhell and Moose Bolton of the Deadsport raised their banners of war intent on destroying each other’s house.

Hatelyn Starkcrazy saw his beloved Dud walking the ramparts while gazing at the blizterwolf banner. “Winter is a bummer, Hate,” he exclaimed, ”.. and damned chilly at that.” “It’s summer, Dud. What you need to distract you from your obsession with the weather is a good war. Since the Arheads are taking care of the Landblasters to the south, maybe it’s time to crush the Boltlooses to our east,” Hatelyn proposed. Lord Starkcrazy quickly agreed. He thought to himself that it was time to storm the Deadsport, Moose’s capital. Better yet with his sole illegitimate son, Johnny Snowed banished to the Tall Wall, it was also time to father another one.

Coincidentally Moose Boltloose had arrived at the same conclusion, crush the pompous Starkcrazys. After all the motto of House Boltloose was, “Our Minds are Dull, but Our Swords are not.”

“The time is ripe to declaw the blitzerwolves,”shrieked the unstrung Lord Boltloose.


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