A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: Adana Castle

English: Adana Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Land of the LandblastersA tender tale by Porridge Marten Chronicler of The Game of Cronies

Stainless Brightneon was pleased…very pleased as he looked out upon his harbor empty of war galleys or troop transport ships. His Admiral, Daboss known as the Curmudgeon Kinghthawk was miffed; he would have no part in the summer campaign against the Landblasters.  No sea invasion of Bastardly Rock yet. No, the Dragonboner troops were already marching towards The Hag, the province bordering Stainless’s realm. He’d deliver another blow to the blasted Landblasters.  

The Lord of Dragonbone was tired of watching his troops be shipped off first to Galleeria and then to the Scaery Vale. He wanted to slice off a piece of the Landblaster lion, a province or two for himself, not just support Lady Lyce’s conquests.

Back in the land of the Landblasters, Cheerion the Gimp and his infamous brother Jammy Landblaster on his snorting stallion rode side-by-side with their un-fatherly father, Lord Hywind. The Lord of Bastardly Rock spat out his orders to his two sons.

“Cheerion, you despicable runt, you’ll become Warden of Bastardly Rock and hold it against all that try to seize it. The unflustered Cheerion replied, “Of course my loving father. When the armies approach our walls, I will yell out obscenities at all that approach. Do you expect me to beat off the enemy with my wit and sarcasm? You haven’t provided me with any troops.” Hywind said, “Well you have the City Blackguard. Why not put your swellsword, Brawn, in command. Between the two of you, you can hold off all the hordes that Westeroids can muster. I hope I don’t see both of your heads on spikes when I return triumphantly.”

“Jammy, you jokester, lead your forces into The Hag,” Hywind continued. “ When you get there, break the Dragonboners and drive them back across their borders without delay. And don’t delay spouting off zings. I will need you to rejoin me as fast as your horses will carry you. “

“I will face Lady Lyce and delice the land of the Areheads. I hear Stainless has lent her some of his own troops commanded by Ser Alesser Florescent. I will place his head on my flagstaff before the summer is over. Now go quickly both of you before I  get irritable.”


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