A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Seattle Knights Joust

Seattle Knights Joust (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another tawdry tidbit from Porridge Marten, the Chronicler of The Game of Cronies

Sickly Myce Hyfell too decided to grab a couple of provinces before the weakened house of Brightneon fell to another invader. In summer, he’d lead his Slygarden host into Robheart’s northeastern province of Drunkenale.

“Robheart will have his hands full trying to defend against his brother Runtly’s twin assault on Binge Landing by land and sea,” Lord Hyfell boasted.  His daughter, the conniving Mortuaery, smiled sweetly hoping she’d be the next Queen of Robheart’s empire.

His son, the flamboyant Ser Lowerass, the so-called Knight of Flowerpower wasn’t so sure. “Robheart could surprise us father by abandoning his capital to a siege. Then he can concentrate all his forces on our army Instead of Runtly’s,“ Ser Lowerass cautioned.

The Queen of the Thorny Rose, Lady Leno cuffed her grandson Lowerass’ ear.

Myce Hyfell scoffed at his son’s sudden timidity. “You’re a lion in tournaments, but a sheep in battle. If you’re not a lion, at least become a ram in the coming war,” he smirked.


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