A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: Hungarian warrior (10th century) from...

English: Hungarian warrior (10th century) from Patriarchate of Aquileia (fresco) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In ongoing wars…

Faced with a joint Chevron Frayd and Bedmore Sully army that would outnumber his land forces at least two to one, Talon Greyboy nevertheless decides to have his Ironrustmen meet the relief army in battle in the Chicken Neck. He didn’t want to risk a sea invasion of his Ironrust Islands. He leaves a minimum force to continue the siege and contain the Twinge’s tiny garrison.

Lord Cartell fresh from his army’s victory over Dimheiress Tarfeathern readies to invade Galleeria, namely Farth province.

Just as Ser Lowerass Hyfell had predicted, Robheart masses his army on the borders of Drunkenale ready to pounce on Slygarden’s invasion. He readies his fleet in Lackluster Bay and leaves his city watch, the Moldcloaks, to man the walls of Binge Landing. With the Stinkwood firmly in his grasp, Runtly gets set to move by land and sea on Binge Landing; he organizes a huge army to assault the walls and meet Robheart on the field of battle if that opportunity should present itself.


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