A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Liquid fire 11

Liquid fire 11 (Photo credit: .m for matthijs)

Johnny Snowed of the Night’s Botch has been doing more than just manning the Tall Wall. He has a son! The men of the Night’s Botch are not supposed to do that. (Man is weak.) Obviously the “celibate” Snowed had been playing around with a mistress, one of the Wildthings named Gritt. At any rate it cheered the morale of his other gangers. Suddenly there were more volunteers to go over the Tall Wall on patrols into the wild lands beyond the wall. Wildthing maidens fled into the forests.

To the south, Runtly Brightneon has an heir too! Has he been too friendly with his lady champion and hero, Brie the Tart? Probably wild rumors as the behemoth Brie seems to be interested in only one thing, gutting enemies of Runtly with her sword. The news increased the fervor of his realm on the brink of his attack on Binge Landing.

Speaking of which, Robheart Brightneon’s fortune among the SevenEleven Gods swung one way and the other. Thc corpulent Robheart had been spending a lot of time devouring knowledge (as well as food) the past few weeks on the studies of war. He improved his strategy and tactics  for the coming campaign. On the other hand, national fervor dipped from the scurrilous talk of Hyfell agents in his empire.

On the eve of battle with Moose Bolton, a unit of crossbowmen deserted camp for parts unknown. Apparently they feared being flayed alive by the eager blades of Moose Boltloose’s bloodthirsty Northmen.

Stainless’s homage to the Redlight God of Ashoo has certainly paid off. A spectacular festival on the beach below Dragonbone castle captivated the commoners. Streaks of fire shot forth from Stainless Brighneon’s outstretched sword and from the Red Witch Malusundra’s fingers. It was the talk of the taverns that Stainless seemed too cozy with the Red Witch. Perhaps he was playing with fire with this weird religion and woman to sire a son for himself too. Regardless fervor for the war against the Landblasters surged throughout the realm.


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