A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Sketch of an Onager, from Antique technology b...

Sketch of an Onager, from Antique technology by Diels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer Siege of Binge Landing

Runtly Brightneon’s army snaked through the Bingeroad for miles, the trees of the Stinkwood encroaching on  it on both sides of the roadway. He had a massive force –twenty army units – about 40% mounted, the pride of the Wormlands.  Up ahead the vanguard, an additional two units of fleariders, scouted for signs of his brother’s approach; the light marauders terrified the serfs, burnt homes, but as they entered Bing Landing province and even later when with within sight of the first towers of the city itself, not a single enemy horseman or foot soldier had been spotted. Then Runtly entertained a dispatch rider who brought him some horrible news. His fleet had been mangled by Ser Slimy.

Was it possible, Runtly speculated that Robheart was on his way to take Worm’s End by sea? Or was he waiting confidently within the strength of Binge Landing’s fortifications? No matter, Runtly was determined to take his capital sooner or later. And if he was elsewhere, he’d be waiting for him near Binge Landing.

Inside the Red Cap, the citadel of the city, Ser Nojenyus Slynk, Commander of the Moldcloaks, surveyed the siege works being constructed by Runtly’s army.  He even spotted a foolish Lord Runtly riding past with a huge knight, most likely the hero of the lists, Brie the Tart, as the head was bare and the short-cropped blond hair of the giantess could be discerned. Ser Slynk’s spirits slunk. After all Robheart had taken his entire army north to meet Lord Hyfell and his Slygardeners. He had a small garrison to hold the walls. Robheart had tried to boost his spirits by saying he’s be back by fall. By fall, Slynk shuddered, he’d be buried beneath the rubble of Binge Landing. Perhaps he’d be better off trying to make some kind of arrangement with Runtly. Worth pondering.

During the Summer, siege engines were constructed and Runtly had them bombarding the walls daily. Within weeks, the sections of the walls began to crumble, but to Slynk’s relief were not breached.

An impatient Runtly Brigthneon launched an assault on the walls near the Gate of the SevenEleven Gods hoping for divine intervention on his behalf. Despite Slynk’s meager and overstretched Moldcloak defenders, the attack was beaten off. One of Runtly’s spearman units lay decimated below the walls. The bells of the Septik of Borelord rang out across the length of Binge Landing to celebrate the victory. Ser Nojenyus Slynk breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the SevenEleven Gods that his head remained on his shoulders at least till fall.

Runtly had suffered another defeat.


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