A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

line art example of a crossbow.

line art example of a crossbow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Battle in the Hills of Flashsparke

The Lord of Bastardly Rock led the plodding Arhead army on a merry march, out-scouted Lady Lyce and refused to attack on the open plain that she had first arrayed her troops. Instead Hywind Landblaster marched once again and this time attacked her army on ground extremely favorable to his army and tactics – the hills of Flashsparke.

The Arhead army had twice as many troops including three magic users and a contingent from Stainless Brightneon. spearmen commanded by Ser Alesser Florescent. It wasn’t enough. Landblaster’s swift attacks overwhelmed the Scaery Valers.  Three Arhead units were routed and killed. Her defeated army turned tail for Rotten Tooth as she tried to maintain a foothold in Landblaster lands.

Lady Lyce was wounded and will miss any battles in the fall.

Hywind awaited news of his son, Jammy, who had taken the other half of his army to greet Lord Stainless of Dragonbone as he burst into province of The Hag.


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