A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Sea Battle in Lackluster Bay

As Ser Jin Tossaway, Runtly Brightneon’s Admiral, with four war galley squadrons sailed into Lackluster Bay for the second time this year, the skies were clear with not a cloud in sight. In the Spring, a sudden storm had driven his fleet back to Worm’s End. Not today it was clear sailing

Unfortunately for the Wormlander fleet, it was perfect weather for Robheart’s fleet led by his admiral and member of his Bingeguard, Ser Embarrisan Slimy, who intercepted Ser Tossaway before he could round the peninsula to Binge Landing.

Though outnumbered, four to three in galleys and out-magicked, two to one, Robheart Brighneon’s well-fed and highly trained war galley squadrons drubbed the Wormlanders, destroying the ships of one of their war galley squadrons and capturing another. Ser Tossaway’s remnants, two squadrons sailed back safely into the port of Worm’s End. A major victory for Ser Slimy.

English: Spanish galley of the late reign of C...

English: Spanish galley of the late reign of Charles II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Runtly would have no help at sea from his naval forces in any siege at Binge Landing this season.


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