A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Battle of The Hag

Though outnumbered in units 6 to 11, Ser Jammy Landblaster was a superior commander to Stainless Brightneon as was his troops. Half of the Zingsayer’s army were lancers, half foot. Jammy was able to maneuver Lord Stainless into an unfavorable position in the hills, attacked and trounced the Dragonboners.

The invasion of The Hag ended almost as quickly as it had begun. The gloomy face of the Lord of Dragonbone darkened further as he couldn’t rally the troops as they streamed past him.

Hans Burgkmair the Younger (c. 1500-1559) , Em...

Hans Burgkmair the Younger (c. 1500-1559) , Emperor Maximilian I, from his Turnierbuch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jammy Landblaster sent one of the captured Dragonboner knights with a hastily written limerick for Lord Stainless.

“There once was a lord from Dragonbone

who’d foolishly set forth to attack

But that day the Landblasters in battle shone

And drove the idiot buggers back.”

Kicking his stallion’s ribs, Jammy marshaled his troops and raced them back into Flashsparke to join his impatient father.


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