A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

At the Twinge, the siege dragged on. There was no assault and the petty unit commanders left in the siege works spent their time in idle disputes. Meanwhile in the countryside…

With their clouds of skirmishers and mounted units, the combined Frayd/Sully army was easily able to out-scout the army of Talon Greyboy, predominantly foot. The Lord Talon Greyboys were not lured into an attack on hilly ground where the two banners of the Frayds and the Sullies were seen streaming in the wind. The Sully banner depicted a fish skeleton with the words, ““Bully, Booty, Burner” proudly displayed.

Instead the Greyboys avoided this trap easily and then accepted battle in the open plains of the Chicken Neck.

The Greyboys were outnumbered over two to one, but the army had beaten the Frayd in Spring and were confident; they had a hero, Gagmaw, and a magic user, and of course, they were  commanded by Talon Greyboy. Lord Chevron Frayd was no military genius to say the least and Bedmore Sully had to defer to Wierdo Frayd’s son.

With some good fortune, the Greyboys ground up the Frayd and Sullys. It was a major triumph for the Greyboys.

The Frayd/Sully forces reentered Seascard province. The Greyboys held the battlefield and Chicken Neck province.

English: Illustration of a knight in Gothic ar...

English: Illustration of a knight in Gothic armor from Concilium zu Constanz woodcut (digitized page 34 of 509) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The siege of the Twinge might well continue in the fall should Talon Greyboy decide.


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