A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Battle of  Frightharbor

Though both armies were posed to invade each other’s realm, the Boltlooses were able to scout the Starkcrazy army first in Frightharbor province. A Boltloose spy had slipped into Starkcrazy territory and shadowed the Starkcrazys as they crossed the border into Frightharbor. Knowing the whereabouts of Dullard Starkcrazy enabled Lord Bolton to move rapidly and “apparently” surprise the Starkcrazys.

Perhaps the Boltllooses were a bit rash and tried to maneuever the Starkcrazy out of their defensive position. Another attempt was made but this time, Lord Starkcrazy settled on some hills. After being unsuccessful to find acceptable terrain a third time, the Boltloose attacked.  Evenly balanced the two armies battled. Lord Boltloose was supposed to be far superior in battle tactics compared to Dullard Starkcrazy. However, Dud was aided by his brighter noble lords – Jonn Rumbler, Sickard Scarstruck and Heman Smallfart.

The Swiss (on the right) assault the Landsknec...

The Swiss (on the right) assault the Landsknecht mercenaries in the French lines at the Battle of Marignano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Starkcrazys won the big battle and three Boltloose units lay dead. Frightharbor province was conquered. Moose Boltloose scurried out of the province in retreat.


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