A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Two-day Battle of Farth

Sir Galahad, a medieval hero displaying qualit...

Sir Galahad, a medieval hero displaying qualities that Lord Halisham did not expect everyone could display under duress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joyridah Mormot, the self-proclaimed hero of the Snap Dragon Queen, Dimheiress of Galleeria put his right hand on her shoulder reassuring her of her success against the massed army of Adorunrun Cartell’s forces assembling before her own. She glared at him, removed his sweaty palm and warned, “Joyridah, use your hands to smite my enemies, not to touch me.”

Yes, Galsleazy,” the chastised knight muttered.

One of her snap dragons, Dragaround, seared Mormot’s wrist with a lance of fire from its horrid mouth. Mormot pulled back his hand in pain and noted how much bigger her “children” had grown the past three months.

The open terrain favored the tactics of both armies, and they were evenly matched. The first day’s action was inconclusive. The second wasn’t. Cartell eked out a minor victory as the Galleerian’s fled to the safety of their capital at Mormeen. Cartell intended to complete his conquest of the Snap Dragon Queen’s nation in the fall.


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