A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Battle of Drunkenale

The campaign started off on a sour note for the Slygardeners as they entered the hills in Drunkendale. Myce Hyfell had dispatched a spy earlier into the province to gather intelligence on Robheart Brightneon’s army. Apparent the spy wasn’t that smart because he was quickly scooped up by Robheart’s mercenary band, the Company of the Fat Cat and brought to the King. The spy was “persuaded” to spy on his former employer in the fall if needed.

King Robheart took the initiative and attacked the Hyfells lined up on the hilly ground in the province. Though nearly equal in size, Robheart had twice as many mercenary units and more magic users; these proved invaluable in the battle. Hard fought by both sides, the battle was a major victory for King Robheart Brightneon.  His war studies and superior natural ability in war were also instrumental in going on the attack and defeating the still sick Myce Hyfell.

On the retreat back to Slygarden, Lowerass could not resist reminding his father that he had foretold that Robheart would face him with all his might.  He yelled to Myce Hyfell, “I may not be a lion in battle, but at least I’m not a jackass.” His sister, Mortuaery, disappointed at missing out on a chance to become the new queen, spat at her brother.

English: Lancelot

English: Lancelot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Drunkenale, Robheart Brightneon celebrated his victory. The third for his forces this summer. They had defeated Runtly twice in Lackluster Bay and at Binge Landing. Myce Hyfell was scurrying back into his realm, “or rathole” as the King referred to it, and only Runtly’s army, huge though it be, had to be contended with in the coming fall.


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