A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Game Development

I’ve play testing the completed draft of all the rules in this ongoing Game of Cronies campaign that you have been following here.

I’m making changes as needed. Sections of the rules are being read and/or played including scenarios by the play testers. The rules themselves are currently about 82 pages in length and another 15  for the  scenarios. By the way, the rules in this supplement provide another campaign alternative to the ones already in RRtK and the historical supplement. They are not meant to replace the tactical table battle in RRtK. I hope to create a rich and detailed world for the battles by including diplomacy, fate, economy,and civilization building, and to provide lots of strategic options for armies and fleets- allied armies,conducting sieges,handling different actions using war galleys like raids, blocking trade, etc. There is trade and development of a civilization but even here these have military applications too. 

In play testing the quick battle system allows players to handle lots of campaigns at the same time, playing out battle on the table when they want and using quick battle to complete others. I’ve been able to run 15 nations (half of Talomir) and Sean is using them for 8 in his play test successfully (see here: http://seanswgcorner.blogspot.com/2013/02/chronicle-of-loa.html.

 So a player can have table battles as usual using RRtK, but add other situations like fighting a relief army at a siege, or ambushing an army in quick battles, or having a defending army evade, etc.


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