A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Burgundian scribe (portrait of Jean Miélot, se...

Burgundian scribe (portrait of Jean Miélot, secretary, copyist and translator to Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, from a copy of his compilation of the Miracles de Notre Dame NOTE: NOT IN FACT A MONK AT ALL, NOR PROBABLY A SCRIPTORIUM!, though a canon of Lille Cathedral.), 15th century. The picture is greatly detailed in its rendering of the room’s furnishings, the writer’s materials, equipment, and activity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The houses found new specialists for their ambitions.

Robheart Brightneon-scribes

House Landlaster-sappers

House Cartell-patrons

Runtly Brightneon-gladiators

House Boltloose-entertainers

House Hyfell-scribes

House Starkcrazy-charioteers

The Night’s Botch-engineers

House Arhead-tutors

House Sully-road builders

House Greyboy-weavers

The Wildthings-politicians

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren-scribes

House Frayd-engineers

Stainless Brightneon-tutors


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