A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Bad News Travels Slow

Battle reports finally arrived throughout the Westeroids. Lord Stainless Brighneon was captured in the pursuit in The Hag by Jammy Landblaster’s army and he is being escorted in chains to Bastardly Rock.

In the battle of Flashsparke, Ser Alesser Floresent’s contingent was destroyed, and its commander was ecstatic returning to Dragonbone in one piece.

After the two-day battle of Farth, it was discovered that Dimheiress Taerfeatheren suffered a wound and will not be able to command in the next battle. Her hero, Joyridah Mormot was captured by the Darneans and is in chains in Sunfear.

King Enzio imprisoned in Bologna, from a medie...

King Enzio imprisoned in Bologna, from a medieval manuscript. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Bedmore claimed he was wounded and decided to withdraw his Quiverlanders from Seascard leaving Weirdo Frayd to fight the Greyboys alone in the coming season. Coincidentally Chevron Frayd suffered an injury in the Chicken Neck and will miss the fighting too; no loss there.


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