A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The Whackfish

The Whackfish: A piece of procrastination by Porridge Marten, the Chronicler of the Game of Cronies

In the Seascard, Lord Bedmore Sully was deep in conversation with his uncle, Ser Blacken Sully, “The Whackfish.”  True to his name, “The Whackfish” wanted to continue to bash the Greyboys in battle. “We’ll drive them into the Narrow-minded Sea, chase them to Pyker, and seize the Ironrust Islands,” he spouted.

“Sounds tiring, uncle,” the more practical Lord Bedmore sighed. The Greyboys had the Twinge in a stranglehold, the Frayd and Sully had been beaten in two battles.

“It’s our duty. Bound by treaty to assist the Frayd… despicable though they be,” The Whackfish countered.

“This isn’t like beating trapped fish in a barrel,” Lord Bedmore chided Ser Blacken referring to the origin of his uncle’s nickname.

Lord Bedmore was of two minds. To continue to fight with the Frayd and rid their land of the Greyboys.  Or to end the treaty, save his army from further losses, and return home to Riverfun.

Lord Bedmore dallied refusing to make a quick decision and by doing so, annoyed his firebrand uncle immensely. No matter the Lord of Riverfun returned to his tent where he dilly-dallied with his mistress.


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