A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement


Parchment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illustration from Illustrerad verldshistoria u...

Illustration from Illustrerad verldshistoria utgifven av E. Wallis. (Volume I): Stern of a Roman (?) war galley (trireme) drawn from a relief at the Palazzo Spada in Rome (Anderson, 1962 Oared fighting ships, plate 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A group of people standing on top of ...

English: A group of people standing on top of a levee between two flooded areas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnny Snowed of the Night’s Botch had been making babies, but his fellow ice ganger engineers and Brothers were busy building an irrigation canal that would bring water to the fields and in turn produce more food for Castle Bleak. Another project was a levee to combat flooding. After all there isn’t much else to do at the Tall Wall anyway. The past three months had been peace, but who knew what the fall would bring with the restless Wildthings and their devious leader, Rancid Ryder.

Meanwhile in Slygarden, Myce Hyfell had his scholar, Hyster Goreman, hastily finish the History of House Hyfell: Glorious Days and Gory Knights. It was an opportune time to divert the populace’s attention from the recent, ignominious defeat by Robheart Brightneon in Drunkenale.

Talon Greyboy had more ambitious plans this season. His weavers were busy constructing sails for his war galley fleet. The Greyboys would be able to sail long distances from the Ironrust Islands be it trade or raid or conquest.


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