A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement


English: City wall in Worms, Germany Mike Chapman

English: City wall in Worms, Germany Mike Chapman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A yarn for yawning by Porridege Marten, the Chronicler of the Game of Cronies

The silence in the dungeon of Bastardly Rock was broken by the noise of irregular footsteps on the stairs leading down to its deepest level. The Gimp, Lord Cheeryon Landblaster accompanied the chief gaoler to Stainless Brightneon’s “quarters.”  The proud Lord of Dragonbone was shackled to the stone wall.

“Good news, Lord Stainless, the war is over!” Cheeyone cheerfully announced as the door opened and the Gimp hobbled into the cell.

“Who won?” Stainless shot back.

“Well, if you did, I’d be in your place, wouldn’t I? I’m sorry we couldn’t have offered you a room with a view, but you must admit it’s pretty quiet down here. Your sleep has been undisturbed.”

“Until you arrived, that is,” the Lord of Dragonbone spat out.

 “You sound like my father. Oh, by the way, you are free to go. We will miss your company. Your gracious council has agreed to a handsome ransom for such a handsome ruler.”

“The fools!” Stainless burst out.

“Finally something we can agree on,” quipped the Gimp.

“You’ll be leaving tomorrow for Dragonbone by swift boat … and I sincerely hope you enjoy the cruise. Farewell, Lord Stainless.



Comments on: "Ransom" (2)

  1. Good to see there is a mechanism for this. I fudged it in my play tests.

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