A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Costumes of serfs or slaves. Approximately 10-...

Costumes of serfs or slaves. Approximately 10-20% of the rural population of Carolingian Europe consisted of serfs and slaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Events hadn’t gone too well for Stainless Brightneon.  The sour Lord was rotting in a Bastardly Rock prison cell; his invasion of The Hag was crushed. Ser Alesser Florescent’s unit in Flashsparke was decimated; another contingent lead by Ser Axelgrease in retreat to the Queen of Galleeria’s capital of Moremeen. The government was incompetent. It was no wonder that the politicians in the Lords Council were bitter. The mob was out in the streets. Two of Stainless’ army units were brought in Dragonbone to quell the mob. Would Dragonbone sue for peace? Would the Landblasters take advantage of a weakened throne and attack?

The morale of the realms of Landblaster and Robheart Brightneon was buoyant. Both had driven foes from their war-torn lands, the Arheads and Hyfells respectively. Both rulers still had provinces to recover. Would they drive the rest of the vermin from their realms?

The rest of the serfs throughout Westeroids and Essos were complacent, indifferent, or satisfied eating their gruel and happy they had a crown or two remaining in their pockets.


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