A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Wars End …

Moose Boltloose of the Deadsport would have to look elsewhere for some other human body to flay next season besides Lord Dullard as he sued for peace, a one year sojourn from war with the Starkcrazys. He was bitter that he had lost Frightharbor province to his enemy to the west. Now the blitzerwolf banner flew there, flaunting the words of its house motto, “Winterhell is freezing.”

Hywind Landblaster smirked when he heard the good news. A one season peace was imposed on the two invaders. Lady Lyce and Stainless Brighneon’s council (with Stainless in chains) both admitted their wars were lost. Rotten Tooth was returned to the Landblaster realm.

English: Printed cover page of the Peace Treat...

English: Printed cover page of the Peace Treaty of Wiener Neustadt of 1462 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Essos, the wounded Dimheiress Tarfeatheren, agreed to a one-year peace with Darne. The defeat was bitter to the Galsleazy. She hoped that her snap dragons would grow up faster and exact vengeance on Lord Cartell. Farth province fell into the hands of the Lord of Sunfear. She dawdled over whether or not to try to ransom the heroic Joyridah Mormot, currently a “guest” of the Darneans. He wasn’t much of a hero, but beggar queens can’t be choosy. And worse come to worse if he was found wanting, he would make a tasty morsel for her “children.”


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