A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Diplomatic Efforts in the War in the Cursing

More troubles for Weirdo Frayd. Darne had won the war with the Queen of Galleeria. Darne’s ruler Adorunrun Cartell will be going to war against the Frayd.

He has a treaty with Talon Greyboy to assist his ally in case either nation invades. Greyboy has invaded the Lord of the Cursings realm, so this fall the Darneans will need to send a full army in transports protected by war galleys to aid the Greyboys.

Weirdo Frayd had to eat his pride and seek an alliance with the fickle Sullys that had broken their own treaty last season.

The Sullys agreed to an alliance …but the Sully’s had not committed themselves to being further involved in a war that was not going well for the Frayd.

So no treaty was attempted.

Badge of The Heraldry Society drawn by me base...

Badge of The Heraldry Society drawn by me based on standard reference materials and scanned. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead, Bedmore Sully had tried to better relations with King Robheart Brightneon. Again his envoy was rebuffed.


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