A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

English: lion

English: lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A playful time described by Porridge Marten, the chronicler of the Game of Cronies:

Risks in Cards and War

 It was still dark that early morning across the border from the Starkcrazy realm.

The Lord of Bastardly Rock flung down a couple of crowns onto the table top in his war tent. Lord Hywind raised his elder son Jammy in a game of cards. “A Landblaster always lays his bets”

Jammy pondered, and then cheerfully said, “I have to caution you. I wouldn’t do that. After all a Landblaster always relays his threats.”

Hywind smirked, “Nonesense….a Landblaster always weighs his bets.”

“I warned you. A Landblaster always pays his bets. Call.” The Zingsayer met his father’s raise and both revealed their cards.

Jammy had the higher hand. Hywind swore in disgust.

“Ah, a Landblaster always slays …

Full houses in poker

Full houses in poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

those upset,” Jammy struggled to complete the house saying as he collected the crowns off the table and pocketed them.

“Speaking of threats. It’s high time with dealt with that dunce, the Lord of Winterhell,” his father threatened.

“So late in the year? Do you expect the blitzerwolves to bay their surrender?” Jammy frowned.

“The Arheads and Stainless are in a truce in truth till Spring. A Landblaster always slays his threats. Our enemies have woken the sleepy lion of the Landblasters. It’s a risk we’ll take to skin the blitzerwolves before they realize what is happening,” Hywind droned on. “Have the troops on the road in an hour.”

“I’ll have to sharpen my sword then…as well as my wits. It will take more than a season to bring that pack to submission.” Jammy smiled and left the tent to raise the Landblaster army from its nightly slumber.



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