A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Armies in houses though not at war must be paid and they enter their barracks; houses on the coast try to maintain a naval presence during the fall and coming winter season.

Allom - Constantinople

Allom – Constantinople (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Current Armies

House Hyfell 180-crown army, Grave Companions (mercenary), 2 L1 magic users

House Boltloose 172 crown-army, Pong Lances (mercenary), 1 L1 magic users

House Arhead  174 crown-army, 2 L1, 1 L2 magic users, fleariders (mercenary), admiral, 1 war galley squardron, well-fed & well-rested crews

House Sully 200 crown-army, 2 L1 magic users

Dimheiress Tarfeatheren 169 crown-army, Swarmcrows (mercenary),1L1 magic user (wounded)

Stainless Brightneon 148-crown army, Bludgeoned Sons (mercenary), admiral, 2 war galley squardrons


Current Treasury Amounts (after military purchases in fall)


1525-House Hyfell

1363-House Boltloose

476-House Arhead

475- House Sully

191-Dimheiress Tarfeatheren

7-Stainless Brightneon


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