A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Battle of Haarlemmermeer, 1621, by Hendrick Co...

Battle of Haarlemmermeer, 1621, by Hendrick Cornelisz. Vroom, oil on canvas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Jin Tossaway made his third attempt to reach the port of Binge Landing. His fleet was defeated by weather the first time and by Robheart Brightneon’s fleet the second time. This fall Runtly’s admiral with 4 war galley squadrons (two newly built) made a swift and surprise attack against Ser Embarrisan’s fleet of the same size, including  one former Runtly squadron.

Tactically speaking Ser Jin had achieved an advantage, yet Admiral Slimy had more well-fed,well-rested and highly trained crews than the Tossaway had. Couple that with the advantage of home waters and a magic user present and Slimy had a slight edge overall.

Slimy overcame the surprise and fought Tossaway to a draw. Both fleets lost a war galley squadron, small comfort to Tossaway seeing his own galleys sink the galleys of his former squadron. A disappointed Tossaway turned away and sailed back to Worm’s End. Slimy brought his ships into the harbor at Binge Landing to continue protecting the capital.

It was the third failure for Runtly’s Wormlander fleet this year.


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