A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Myce Cartell sent 3 war galley squadrons with his transports to ferry his 200-crown army and 2 companies of fleariders and the Bludgeoned Sons into Seascard province and join the Greyboys. Three war galley squadrons remained home off the coast of Darne. He reached Sescard province without encountering any weather problems. The Greyboys had already removed any enemy vessels in his path.

Egyptian ship on the Red Sea, about 1250 B.C. ...

Egyptian ship on the Red Sea, about 1250 B.C. Torr’s “Ancient Ships”. Mr. Lanton Cole calls attention to the rope truss in this illustration, stiffening the beam of the ship. A similar device was later used in Greek triremes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Reliefs of Trajan's Column by Conrad Cicho...

The Reliefs of Trajan’s Column by Conrad Cichorius. Plate number VIII. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talon Greyboy with his hero/captain Brie the Tart marched by land with his 170-crown army in addition to 3 LI, 1 L2, and 1 L3 magic users into Seascard by a land route. He kept his transports off the coast of the Chicken Neck.

He’ll unite with Myce Cartell’s Darneans and mass against “Hexes” Walker Frayd and hopefully eliminate him.


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