A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Robbheart Brightneon brings half his army (100 crowns-worth) and 3L1 magic users into Binge Landing. The remainder, a 100-crown army, one unit of fleariders and the Fat Cat Company are on transports off the coast of Drunkenale province to the northeast.

Runtly Brightneon’s 400-crown army lay outside the walls of Binge Landing, but with the departure of his fleet, Robheart could leave whenever he chose. The net on Binge Landing had not closed.

The Siege of Constantinople of 1453. The defen...

The Siege of Constantinople of 1453. The defenders were armed with many spears, rocks and arrows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not giving in to despair, Runtly has his men begin to mine the walls. Unfortunately the mine collapses on the besiegers! The national morale of the Wormlanders falls. Runtly decides an assault this season wouldn’t be wise. He recalls all his forces into their siege works. The Lord of the Worlmlands insists that Binge Landing will be invested thoughout the winter season.


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