A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Blockade of Seascard Port and Castle

Seascard Castle in its port town was garrisoned by a unit of crossbowmen. Two units of Greyboys foot blockaded the port while the combined host of Greyboys and Cartells moved to crush the Frayds.

15th century French soldier carrying an arbale...

15th century French soldier carrying an arbalest and a pavise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hexes” Walker Frayd tried to evade their forces as they close in on him. The Frayds were able to slip by once and maneurver away from their clutches. However, the second time, the Frayd were forced to fight a joint army twice its size.

(This is the first time ports and castles have been used in the campaign. There is no besieging of castles in this season since an attack on a fortified city has already been taken place. Instead a blockading force (newly added to the rules) is used to encircle the castle and contain the garrison. After that, the usual RRtK movement of armies in the province takes place. The new evasion rules for defending armies are used here too before scouting value is determined.)


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