A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

The cavalry charge across the river at the Bat...

The cavalry charge across the river at the Battle of the Granicus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rout at the Greenslime Fork

Lacking any scouting units, “Hexes” Walker Frayd was at a huge disadvantage against the massive Greyboy –Darne armies. Four mercenary horse units in addition to other skirmish units of the invaders quickly located the tiny Frayd force lined up on hills. Talon Greyboy moved his army again and caught Hexes” Walker in the open, perfect for its forces; the combined force of Greyboys amd Cartells descended like an avalanche on the outnumbered and outmatched Frayds near the Greenslime Fork. It was a rout with the Frayd losing four units and with them Seascard province too except for a single unit of crossbowmen holed up in Seascard castle. “Hexes” Walker Frayd’s army ceased to exist as the rest of his soldiers dispersed into the countryside. Wlaker managed to escape from the pursuers. A man without an army.


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