A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement

Worried words from Porridge Marten, the chronicler of the Game of Cronies

The Starkcrazys were able to out-march the Landblasters and entered Rotten Tooth province before Lord Hywind was able to burst into blitzerwolf lands.

English: A wolf. Español: Un lobo.

English: A wolf. Español: Un lobo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hywind berated his son Jammy for the lackadisaical manner in which the troops marched north. The Lord of Bastardly Rock admonished his eldest son, ”If only your vanguard’s feet could match the speed of your mouth.”

“You shouldn’t be in such a rush to get the rest of us killed, ‘ humored Jammy the Zingsayer.

The banner of the ‘Crazys, “Winterhell is freezing over!” was held by one of Ser Dullard’s horsemen.

A worried Rubb Starkcrazy with his blitzerwolf, “Pass Wind,” jaws clamped on his master’s wrist advised his father that the Landblasters would surely be aware of their sudden rush into the Sleepy Lion’s lair. “Their scouts must have reported our whereabouts already. I can hear the Landblaster lion rustling in the brush.”

“Rubb, you’re my son, but let’s face it you’re no fun. I know these Landblasters. I know them. I’ve fought them. I’ve beaten them. Rubb, you’ll rub their faces into the very soil we stand on,” Ser Dullard pompously foretold, the old fool that he was.

Joyfully the Starkcrazy troops stomped into Landblaster fields. They sang their favorite marching song, “Who let the wolves out?”


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