A medieval campaign using my proposed RRtK supplement


《清实录》中所绘宁远之战 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Johnny Snowed kept his two magic users in Castle Bleak but divided his army into three parts to man the Tall Wall to the north in Shadowtower province, in Castle Bleak where he stood on guard, and at Beastwatch to the south. The Wildthings massed against the Beastwatch section of the tall Wall.

Rancid Ryder brought up his siege engines against the Tall Wall, but this time he attacked its southern end, the Beastwatch. Beyond lay the un-mined gold lode in the province, a real prize for the Wildthings.

In the ensuing conflict, the siege engines were set ablaze and destroyed. The King Beyond the Tall Wall was unable to rally his troops for an assault. Rance decided it was fruitless to sit in siege works below the Wall; his army ended the siege and returned once again to the forests.


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